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How To Stay Calm

There is so much in this world that can overwhelm us. But sometimes something so simple can cause your thought process to explode and scatter into millions and millions of pieces. It’s the little triggers that we weren’t expecting in a world of so much obvious suffering and pain and confusion that will set us of. By know means is this post about containing your anger think of it as a tool to help you rationalise the confusion inhabiting you brain daily.

You have three options here ; one – sit on something comfy – the floor will do, two – go for a  walk and three – go for a run. The latter two would benefit you better but not exclusively.  Right now your head has no-were to run to. You are sat down rooted firmly in place, you are on a walk that is it , that is your task to walk , to run, to sit.

Now, list what is troubling you. We don’t need the details yet. Your list could carry along the lines of this one for example:

  • Work
  • Body Image
  • Family

Now go through this list slowly, speaking out loud if you wish. Actually speak out loud. Work – what exactly is troubling you about work? Why is it troubling you? (E.g. My boss. Because they aren’t giving me as much freedom as I had hoped for. )

Your next step is to rationalise your problem. Is this fair on your behalf? Is this fair on their behalf? How would you prioritise this problem on your list? What are you going to do about it and when? I guarantee you having a range of possible solutions or even a starting date for when your problem has to be dealt with will clear your mind so much.

You are counselling yourself. People get paid to do what you are doing.

Now which problem are you going to deal with first?

P.S. Buying a planner really does help!

The Dove Evolution

I had been meaning to dive deeper into this topic and look at the problems with the world we live in , in a little more detail. But today my philosophy and ethics teacher showed my class this video – to me this video is old hat , I have seen it about 8 times now – but my class were mouth wide open style shocked. Me being locked up on my little feminist, human rights , foreign internet world could not comprehend how my friends could not know about this! So I thought I may draw you in gently with a possibly game changing 1.15 minute video. It is worth every second.

The Stuff of Dreams

There is so much more music out there I could share with you, but I felt the need to narrow it down – maybe so in the future I can share more of the music I love on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Anyway this playlist has no particular theme other than I suppose “getting to know me” if that counts as one. This is the sort of music which catches me at my best. Hopefully it does for you to. Be warned their is a wide variety of music here – don’t be shy to different genres it can open your eyes to whole other worlds!

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5 Books to Read this Autumn

Forrest Gump – I was drawn to this book after having watched and adored the film. I was expecting much the same magic , but on paper. I was greatly mistaken. The book is a million times more amazing! It is such an amazing story that is so utterly different to the film, I wonder whether the only inspiration the directors took from the book was the name “Forrest Gump” and his idiotic tendencies?

Rookie Yearbook One – I could write about this book forever,it has become my teen bible – is that sacrilege?  I don’t know all I know is that whatever question about life I have had this book has had the answer even if the answer is “Girl , there is no answer to your question ” One of the best things about this whole “enterprise” is that they have a blog which means I can get constant up to date prophecies from the God which is the Rookie staff. If you are un-aware of this revolutionary ( mainly teen but not exclusively ) website I suggest you take a little peek .. for a couple of hours. Here.

Animal Farm – This book was introduced to my in my English class and straight away it has to win recognition because it is one of the few books we have studied for months and has still remained interesting! If you like though provoking books this is certainly for you, and even if you don’t I would suggest you give this a go as it may bringing up questions about your own society that you had been providing. It is incredibly frustrating but Orwell’s writing is faultless as he is able to reflect everything that is happening in the book, back on the reader.

The Hours – This is the book I am currently reading, the only book that I haven’t finished yet, but I think the fact that I am recommending this book without even completing it yet is a good sign. It follows the lives of three ladies in different time periods all similar to the original writer Virginia Woolf – who is one of the characters in the book. They are all writers and see the world in such an intricate and beautiful way however their worlds seem bleak and desolate. When reading it can leave you in a very quite way however it is perfect for this chilly autumn weather!

The Radleys – I find it strange that I put this book on the list as the story is not the greatest, but I couldn’t seem to put the book down. It could be something to do with the fact that I was on a seven hour journey with not much to do or maybe it was refreshing to read a book about vampires that didn’t involve a mysterious boy and a lovestruck girl. Most of all I think it was the cover, it reminds me of The Adams family and Dark Shadows a refreshing book to a world which is much too serious for its own good although it carries quite a series dark tone in within.



I’m Robyn, I love reading, writing and eating. I am very passionate about human rights and am a raving feminist who also loves photography and oh did I say food already? I hope this blog floats your boat but if your boat starts sinking miserably to the bottom of the ocean to swim with octopi and dance with the squids then I have to admit – it’s your loss. 

I am still getting to grips with Word Press as I am used to the good old Blogger platform but it was about time for a change anyway, so please be patient with me. Hence- forth I will commence with some interesting and important but utterly useless facts about me to clog your mind with needless information and disable it from interacting in everyday life. 

  • I like peanut butter – this is more of a Warning than a fact.
  • I am a Runner
  • I own pink hair dye
  • I obsessively photograph life
  • I collage
  • I have an adorable yappy Jack Russell cross Border Terrier who goes by the name “Harry” .
  • Myself and my mum fan girl Christmas
  • I am “excited about life” in the words of J B Priestley
  • I have several alter ego’s 
  • I like cake.