I’m Robyn, I love reading, writing and eating. I am very passionate about human rights and am a raving feminist who also loves photography and oh did I say food already? I hope this blog floats your boat but if your boat starts sinking miserably to the bottom of the ocean to swim with octopi and dance with the squids then I have to admit – it’s your loss. 

I am still getting to grips with Word Press as I am used to the good old Blogger platform but it was about time for a change anyway, so please be patient with me. Hence- forth I will commence with some interesting and important but utterly useless facts about me to clog your mind with needless information and disable it from interacting in everyday life. 

  • I like peanut butter – this is more of a Warning than a fact.
  • I am a Runner
  • I own pink hair dye
  • I obsessively photograph life
  • I collage
  • I have an adorable yappy Jack Russell cross Border Terrier who goes by the name “Harry” .
  • Myself and my mum fan girl Christmas
  • I am “excited about life” in the words of J B Priestley
  • I have several alter ego’s 
  • I like cake.

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