5 Books to Read this Autumn

Forrest Gump – I was drawn to this book after having watched and adored the film. I was expecting much the same magic , but on paper. I was greatly mistaken. The book is a million times more amazing! It is such an amazing story that is so utterly different to the film, I wonder whether the only inspiration the directors took from the book was the name “Forrest Gump” and his idiotic tendencies?

Rookie Yearbook One – I could write about this book forever,it has become my teen bible – is that sacrilege?  I don’t know all I know is that whatever question about life I have had this book has had the answer even if the answer is “Girl , there is no answer to your question ” One of the best things about this whole “enterprise” is that they have a blog which means I can get constant up to date prophecies from the God which is the Rookie staff. If you are un-aware of this revolutionary ( mainly teen but not exclusively ) website I suggest you take a little peek .. for a couple of hours. Here.

Animal Farm – This book was introduced to my in my English class and straight away it has to win recognition because it is one of the few books we have studied for months and has still remained interesting! If you like though provoking books this is certainly for you, and even if you don’t I would suggest you give this a go as it may bringing up questions about your own society that you had been providing. It is incredibly frustrating but Orwell’s writing is faultless as he is able to reflect everything that is happening in the book, back on the reader.

The Hours – This is the book I am currently reading, the only book that I haven’t finished yet, but I think the fact that I am recommending this book without even completing it yet is a good sign. It follows the lives of three ladies in different time periods all similar to the original writer Virginia Woolf – who is one of the characters in the book. They are all writers and see the world in such an intricate and beautiful way however their worlds seem bleak and desolate. When reading it can leave you in a very quite way however it is perfect for this chilly autumn weather!

The Radleys – I find it strange that I put this book on the list as the story is not the greatest, but I couldn’t seem to put the book down. It could be something to do with the fact that I was on a seven hour journey with not much to do or maybe it was refreshing to read a book about vampires that didn’t involve a mysterious boy and a lovestruck girl. Most of all I think it was the cover, it reminds me of The Adams family and Dark Shadows a refreshing book to a world which is much too serious for its own good although it carries quite a series dark tone in within.


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