How To Stay Calm

There is so much in this world that can overwhelm us. But sometimes something so simple can cause your thought process to explode and scatter into millions and millions of pieces. It’s the little triggers that we weren’t expecting in a world of so much obvious suffering and pain and confusion that will set us of. By know means is this post about containing your anger think of it as a tool to help you rationalise the confusion inhabiting you brain daily.

You have three options here ; one – sit on something comfy – the floor will do, two – go for a  walk and three – go for a run. The latter two would benefit you better but not exclusively.  Right now your head has no-were to run to. You are sat down rooted firmly in place, you are on a walk that is it , that is your task to walk , to run, to sit.

Now, list what is troubling you. We don’t need the details yet. Your list could carry along the lines of this one for example:

  • Work
  • Body Image
  • Family

Now go through this list slowly, speaking out loud if you wish. Actually speak out loud. Work – what exactly is troubling you about work? Why is it troubling you? (E.g. My boss. Because they aren’t giving me as much freedom as I had hoped for. )

Your next step is to rationalise your problem. Is this fair on your behalf? Is this fair on their behalf? How would you prioritise this problem on your list? What are you going to do about it and when? I guarantee you having a range of possible solutions or even a starting date for when your problem has to be dealt with will clear your mind so much.

You are counselling yourself. People get paid to do what you are doing.

Now which problem are you going to deal with first?

P.S. Buying a planner really does help!


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